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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pistorius comments on U.S. Steel sale

MSE’s Chris Pistorius said he hopes the new owners of U.S. Steel will continue to support the region's universities.

Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation News

Engineering faculty engage in industrial decarbonization research partnership

MSE’s Chris Pistorius and EPP’s Valerie Karplus and Paulina Jaramillo, alongside Assistant Professor of Economics and Public Policy Edson Severnini, joined collaborators in Germany to begin an international research partnership.

Built In

McHenry breaks down superconductors

MSE’s Michael McHenry was quoted in Built In about the unique properties of superconductors, which are capable of conducting electricity without losing energy. McHenry said, in part, that paired electrons “cooperate with a material’s vibrating atoms” to boost conductivity and avoid resistance.

Physics World

Dickey uses novel methods to analyze ferroelectric materials

MSE Head Elizabeth Dickey and her team of researchers are collaborating with groups at Penn State University to study ferroelectric materials. Together, the groups are combining their skills to analyze the structure of alloyed aluminum nitride films using transmission electron microscopy.