The doctoral degree emphasizes the creation of new knowledge through extensive independent research, including the formulation of hypotheses, the interpretation of phenomena revealed by research, and the extraction of general principles upon which predictions can be made. An important part of this process is presenting and defending the results. Ph.D. candidates are expected to present their results at research review meetings, at national and international conferences, and, in particular, in peer-reviewed publications. In addition to disseminating the new results, these activities offer ways for Ph.D. candidates to establish themselves as members of the international technical community. In the MSE department, doctoral research can be conducted in a range of areas, including nanomaterials, biomaterials, materials for energy applications, metals, ceramics, electronic materials, and magnetic materials. Each doctoral student’s research is guided by a faculty advisor and a dissertation committee with milestones that allow graduation in four years or less. The milestones and expectations for doctoral students are described below.