John E. Barnes has held a number of positions that have had increased responsibilities including budget, people, and span of control. Starting as a materials and process engineer in a production environment, Barnes trained at two leading companies which enabled me to start a new research program at a national science agency and build a team around it. Barnes has experience developing low TRL technology and implementing it on extremely demanding vehicles. He provided change leadership to transform underperforming teams and have improved the financials and international customer base repeatedly. He promotes and demonstrates leadership in program management and product development and ensure coordination between researchers, senior management, and government officials. He understands the technical/ business/ political relationships to build the right industry teams and consortiums for the correct balance for each project. He has implemented technology on the F-22 and F-35, launched several new initiatives such as the CSIRO Titanium Challenge, the Lab22 Centre for Additive Innovation, and the Australian Additive Manufacturing Initiative and Caffeinovation. He holds an appointment as adjunct professor in additive manufacturing at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, in materials engineering at Carnegie Mellon University and is an adjunct senior research fellow at Monash University.



1994 MS Metallurgical Engineering, Purdue University

1992 BS Materials Science & Engineering, Purdue University