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The CMU MSE Graduate Application Support Program (GrASP) is a student-led initiative to assist prospective applicants as they navigate the application process.

We, the students of the MSE department at CMU, find strength in our diversity and desire for a student body that is more representative of our society. We recognize that many people face unique challenges when undertaking the daunting task of applying to graduate school and GrASP aims to help participants overcome these challenges.

This year, the program will consist of one-on-one mentorship from current graduate students to learn about our department, research, culture, and the graduate school application process in general (including fee waivers!). GrASP aims to provide applicants opportunities to hear perspectives about our department and its programs and receive personalized feedback on application materials like the short essay questions, resume/CV, and selection of references.

To maximize your prospects of joining the 2022 GrASP Cohort, we encourage you to apply to GRASP as early as possible. We will be accepting applications for GrASP until November 15, with mentor/mentee matches made promptly after. View the short application, which consists of a few demographic questions, a 200 word summary of why you are applying, and one question you would ask your mentor.

We are so excited that you are considering applying to the MSE department!

Mission of GrASP

Equitable access to resources can be significantly influenced by a student’s background. The disparate result is directly reflected in the underrepresentation of several identities in our field and STEM at large. Underrepresented Minority students, First-Generation College students, LGBTQIA+ identifying individuals, female students, students with disabilities, students from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds and students with immigrant, refugee, or undocumented status consistently face pronounced barriers in access to education and resources. GrASP’s mission is to bridge this gap through peer-to-peer support and encouragement for students who identify as part of any of these groups to apply to this program.