The M.S. in Computational Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE) is a full-time, coursework-based degree that provides an advanced foundational education to professionals interested in careers in computational MSE. Students in the program will gain a fundamental understanding of materials structure, properties, and the processing of materials and how computational approaches can contribute to that knowledge. After completing this program, they will understand how to use and implement computational tools and adapt them to solve problems in MSE.

Our M.S. degree in CMSE provides the foundation of all MSE activities while allowing for students to take advanced courses in computational methods in MSE. Students will normally complete the degree in three full-time (15 week) academic semesters.


Course requirements (120 units over three semesters)

  • 24 units of MSE core courses
  • 24 units of CMSE coursework
    • 27-734 Methods of Computational Materials Science (fall semester–required)
    • 12 units of CMSE elective coursework
  • 24 units of MSE graduate elective courses (27-7**)
  • 48 units of approved graduate courses
    • Graduate level coursework in the College of Engineering, Tepper School of Business, Computer Science, and Mellon College of Science
    • Content must be related to Computational Materials Science and Engineering
    • 24-48 units of research units can be counted here

Graduate seminar

All full-time students must enroll, attend, and actively participate in the graduate seminar course (27-774) each semester in which they are registered.